Valentine’s Day Candy Dipped OREOs

  1. 1 Pkg Family OREO Cookies approx 40 cookies
  2. 1 Pkg Pink Wafer Melts
  3. 1 Sm Bottle Valentine Sprinkles

  1. Add 5-6 Cups water to your Instant Pot and set to Saute.
  2. Place a larger bowl over the top of your Instant Pot and add Pink Wafer Melts
  3. The Steam created will melt the wafer candy. Stir as it's melting until smooth
  4. Dip 1/2 of each OREO into the melted candy and place cookie on Wax Paper on a cookie sheet to cool
  5. Sprinkle Valentine Sprinkles on dipped cookies and allow to fully cool before serving
  6. Enjoy!

For more detail devourdinner

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