This outdoor terrace was one of the biggest selling points when it came to purchasing our new home. While decorating the space became a bit of a challenge, our goal was to create a luxurious outside area that would help us take full advantage of nice weather. 

With the right furnishings you can turn a simple area into a stylish and modern outdoor getaway, ultimately becoming the ideal spot to hang out. 

Nothing says spring/ summer better than late nights outside. So it’s time to embrace the warm(er) weather and take your next movie night to the next level with a DIY movie night outdoors! This has quickly become a weekly occurrence in our home, so I’ve listed all my tips and tricks. 

From setting up the big screen to the best snacks, you’ll be able to pull this off with ease!


TIP #1:

No need to fret if your outdoor space isn’t equipped with a flat screen. All you need is a white sheet and projector to enjoy a movie outside. Scout the location and set up ahead of time though, you’ll want to enjoy the night too!
TIP #2:

Create a cozy atmosphere with a pile of plush pillows for your guests to relax on, and extra blankets for when the sun goes down. Our outdoor conversational set pieces can be re-configured for optimal seating, and floor pillowscreate soft extra seating.
TIP #3:

Set the tone for the night with cute decor! Whether you’re creating a kid friendly environment or a romantic date night for two, decor is essential to ambiance. Fresh flowers, metal lanterns, and candles can all be worked into the space. Marquee/ string lights are an inexpensive and unique way to shine a little light on the night. Plus these are all things that can be used year round!
TIP #4:

Don’t forget, movie choice is key! Netflix comes in handy when you’re having a hard time deciding!
TIP #5:

Make sure you have a variety of good food available. Outdoor spaces are perfect for late night snacking, so we always have a combination of salty and sweet. This cart was perfect for my popcorn bar, and how cute are these popcorn boxes? Galvanized pieces are sturdy enough to stand up to the elements of outdoor entertaining and add a touch of cool, industrial appeal. Check out these other pieces:

So are you ready to come out of winter hibernation? I hope that by scrolling through today’s post, you’ll get ideas and designs to help you prep your outdoor space and create your own DIY Movie Night!

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